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Just thought I would pop in and visit. Though I have completely fallen off the blog wagon, I am making plans for my new year which include, um, blogging more. I am sure I said this last year too 🙂 But seriously, I’m planning a regular schedule to try and keep focused. Recently, I have been letting the family duties and schedule take over my writing time. Wish me luck! Hope you guys are having a good holiday season and a safe, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

YAY…it’s a new year, a good enough reason to try again and do all the things I should have done last year…. or last century.

Since I have this space to let it all flow out, I guess I can add some peer pressure to my life and make my resolutions public. That doesn’t mean I will follow through any quicker or more thoroughly, but I will have written proof at my attempt to change for the better and contribute to this world some positive work. Much like the lists I made in my high school journal, this list will probably be ignored between the months of February and November, when I will either summon my remarkable skills of creative procrastination, and finally write that novel, or I will berate myself into another season of holiday doldrums. ‘Tis the season of hope, though [still, right? can we at least hang on to that?] so I am crossing my toes for the wonder-book to come forth. Which leads me to

Resolution #1 Which is, of course, WRITE…this is probably the same every year, but look, it’s in black and white, so it’s real. And this counts, right? Well, just to be sure, I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year, and I am going to be prepared come November. Outline, notes, determination…November is a crazy month in my house, but what the hey…I thrive under pressure.

Resolution #2…CLEAN [continuing in the spirit of One Word]… as in detoxify the house and keep going through the boxes of stuff and reducing, reusing, recycling. I am in the process of switching from chemical laden products to natural sources, sometimes just finding that the product does not need to be replaced and discontinuing use…. must organize and simplify.

Resolution #3 Will be WORK…which seems a given, but a change must be made and I am determined to improve my income issues before 2009…. plus, the word covers so many areas…career, activism, health, relationships, home, my self, my writing, my probs…

So Reso #4 has to be RELAX…just to keep the balance, but don’t take me for a quitter already, b/c this is a biggie. I must let go of so many anxieties and fears. I must relax my instinct to worry and stress and kvetch. I need to socialize a little bit more and enjoy my simple life, count my blessings and all that jazz…and I probably should do some yoga too.

Resolution #5 is my easy one so I can at least say I accomplished one… VOTE

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