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OK, I admit it seems like I have been slacking here. It’s been so long, WordPress has all sorts of new things happening now that I have to catch up on learning. Really though, I have been working hard and finally earned the right to fly the Grammatika widget you may all now admire at the bottom of my blogroll. I know I have been negligent of this blog, which totally defies the whole Resolution thing (see entry below), but I dedicated the winter months to “Work” and completed my very first online course. Now that I have decided to concentrate my language skills on editing other people’s writing, it appears I have been ignoring my own writing. But, I’m back. Honestly, studying proofreading (especially the tome known as ‘Chicago’) has inspired me and probably greatly improved my writing skills. I am far less likely to overuse my friend the ellipses…though it’s still likely to make too many appearances when I get on a roll…or want to make a point.

I am excited about entering this new profession, especially as I have been an amateur proofreader for most of my life. It seems like a natural progression. Now I just have to sit back and wait for all of the jobs to start rolling in. Yes, that was a joke. Frankly, this is where my real hurdles begin. I have the language skills, all of the resources I can find, and a natural-born proofer’s eye, but as far as marketing myself, I am a novice…actually, “coward” may be a better word choice. I can’t exactly sell myself, and aggressive is not a word used to describe me. Ever. But “dedicated” may work, so I will focus on that, for now.

Meanwhile, I have new sites to share and add to the roll. I have had a lot of fun discovering the world of words on this web. Of course, there are a myriad of sites for writers which I have explored for the last year or so. The web definitely is the best source for freelance writers and wordsmiths, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to find so many sites dedicated to language arts, specifically grammar, like Grammar Girl, which also is a podcast, and Word Nerds Unite! [my inspiration for this entry’s title as well as my “alumni” blog from].

I guess I am naive [because I should know by now that there really is a site for anything on the www] but I didn’t really think there was such a huge subculture of grammarians in the larger American culture. I mean, outside of Sigma Tau Delta and NPR, where do word nerds go for a good time? Yes, I went to a liberal arts school, but when you grow up with friends who are artists, musicians and athletes and your special skill is spelling, well, it just never seemed that cool. So, let me tell you, I reveled in the camaraderie I found on the course’s forum. And I gladly accept the title Word Nerd. Maybe next time I roll around here, I can add “professional” to the list.

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