[Before the climax? Is that a term? Will have to look that one up πŸ™‚ ]

I am about to write the climactic scene. This is the first scene I pictured in my mind way before I started writing this book. It actually feels a bit intimidating because I have thought about it so much. Maybe too much. As I’m sure many writers learn, it seems like nothing comes out in black and white quite the same way that it began as a thought in my mind. Sometimes it is better than expected, sometimes it is not quite what I wanted to write, so I have to work on that part more, and sometimes, many times, actually, the words just flow and what comes out is completely unexpected. So, as I prepare to write the Big Scene, I am almost anxious to see what will be the result.

I have discovered that sometimes the best way for me to skip over the anxiety of what to write and the “perfect” words to use, is to try timed writing. I was happy to see it suggested in this guest post on Writer Unboxed. I firmly agree with Rebecca Hargreaves’ comparison of writing to breathing. Sometimes we just have to take a breath and rush onto the writing process until we find our flow and the right words come to us. Timed writing lets me cram in a writing session when I know I have to do something else in an hour, and it has also helped me figure out my average output. I have no excuses if I know I can get over a thousand words out in an hour. Plus, I have serious issues with my nagging Inner Editor, who hates bad spelling, and my Terrible Typist who always types tehy and teh. (Seriously, what is up with taht?!) If I stop and go back to fix every mistake I see, I will never finish this thing.

I like Write or Die as an online tool (especially on Kamikaze mode!), or word sprints with a writing buddy. Most of the time I just use the clock, choose a set time or word-count goal and then start writing, without stopping to think too much about it. Of course, there is usually something I need to fix or take out later, but most of the time I have found that I end up with a pleasant surprise πŸ™‚ So here I go, off to Write or Die the scene that will change my MCs entire life. Yay!