As the air starts to tease me with an early autumnal breeze, I find myself looking forward to all things Fall, including the writing blitz known as NaNoWriMo. Technically, it is still summer though and I know that we can expect at least two more stifling heat waves here in south-eastern Virginia before November arrives. Labor Day weekend is here, which many consider the unofficial end of the summer season and an excuse for one more mini-vaca. Personally, I will actually be laboring on Monday, but if you have a free weekend (and 50 bucks) you may want to try your hand at the 3-Day Novel Contest which essentially makes NaNo’s challenge look simple. The premise is the same, but there is no word count, only a restriction to three days of fast-paced, no editing writing. It is a contest too and the winner does get publication, so it may be worth the investment (and exhaustion). You must register by Friday, but this is the 32nd year, so you can always plan for 2010.