Today’s prompt on Poetic Asides is to “honor” a poet by creating your own version of a favorite poem, or at least by using a title and replacing some words. I believe this would be considered a parody, but in a good way. There are some interesting ones in the comment board.
I have been poetically slacking because I got all caught up in the Amazon Fail thing and because I do have other things to do 😉 but this one came to me rather easily. I am debating whether or not I should bother trying to garden this year. I like it, love growing my own, but I have two brown thumbs. My hubby is a natural farmer, but he relies on me too much since he is never home. And usually by August when it is just grossly humid, even in the middle of a drought, we are watching things die from the comfort of our AC’d living room. Anyway, here is my “tribute” to Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay”…thanks for reading!

4/15/2009 3:29:41 PM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
“With Respect, Mr. Frost”

Spring’s big thing is green,
A hue I’ve hardly seen.
The early leaves may bloom,
But they will be gone soon.
When summer’s months begin
And Hades’ heat sets in,
Although I hope, I know
Nothing green will grow.