The prompt on Poetic Asides today was to write an animal poem. I spent plenty of sunny time outside today and was trying to think of what to write about. It was very close to being about bunnies since we broke out the Easter stuff today and the kids are already on the Bunny buzz. That or the ptarmigan which I learned today can change their feather colors for camouflage. Thought that was cool. Instead this came out… Chesapeake Bay influence again, I guess, which is in my view. A lot of crabbers in this area, and not as many crabs these days. So…Ode to the Crab…It’s a little silly, but it is done…-ish.

Blue Crab

“Why so blue, friend?”
I ask rhetorically,
Knowing you’re at the end
Of your species.

Do you have any idea where
You are going from here?
Or notice the changes
You’ve lived through?

You are taking it well,
brave in your shell,
watching the tides
as they change too.