WOW! There were hundreds of poems in the comments of yesterday’s Poetic Asides. I love poetry, but am glad that I don’t have to read through all those to select pieces for the e-book they are publishing post-challenge. So I got on early this morn to beat the rush….when I started my post there was one comment. By the time I posted, I was the 16th. I wrote it straight into the comments this time, which is a bit different than scribbling in the comp notebook, crossing out words and squishing in new ones. But I think it is OK…theme was “outsider” and for some reason [it was a stretch] I immediately thought of an adolescent girl watching her dreamboat in a crowd of kids at school. I guess she is more of a scientist than I am b/c I channeled information that I had forgotten I learned. Of course, it could all be scientifically incorrect, but I am okay with that. Thanks for reading 🙂

“Free Radical”

I have been waiting
patiently, hoping
today may be the day
you notice,
turn your lens on
me floating by
you, nucleus
in a tightly packed
cellular structure.
I cannot seem
to squeeze my way through
to make my match.

I do not
look like they do,
cannot form
against my nature,
will not change
my own way
in this world.

Still, I grow
and will cause
effect on you
whether or not
you look
my way.