The theme, fittingly, for the beginning of the Poetic Asides’ Poem-A-Day Challenge is “Origins”…here is my first attempt. I am not really happy with it, mostly because I got to the word ‘mark’ this morning in my journal, then tried finishing it this evening with kids bouncing all around me. So the ending stinks and is forced. Actually it’s probably incomplete, but heck, it’s poetry. There is a time factor here, although the “rules” are pretty lenient on when we have to post. Technically, I could work some more and post it next week, but where would the fun be in that? I had to add the extra pressure of NaBloPoMo too.
Anyway, here goes…I live in the historic triangle where the Virginia colony began, btw, which inspired this piece.


In more ways than four,
it all began here:
the building and planting,
the lessons and loss.
It is not hard to imagine
what they saw in this world,
sailing into the mouth
of the great Bay,
verdant forests and swamps
lacing the coast,
quiet creeks leading
to another nation.
They named it for
untouched purity,
then they made their mark.
For centuries,
have left footprints
and artifacts
and litter by the wayside.
Grown as a nation and
changed the world view.
Four centuries
have seen begin
and end