So my SAD seems to be affecting my flow…and it can’t be good for my Chi either. I have been procrastinating so much with my work writing that I don’t feel I can justify fun writing…but I miss it and have to remind myself that the blog does help my flow. I was contemplating how ironic my blog name is considering how little flow I have to show…when I began this blog, I was coming out of a long block and needed an outlet to write my never-ending opinions. I was also trying to learn more about the blog form and can say I have definitely achieved that goal.
I cannot say I am exactly blocked these days. I am writing [for-profit!] and still working on various creative projects. But I am at more of a trickle than a flow. Naturally, when I am struggling with work and rejection, I am not going to be at my peak creative performance, but the muse is still THERE…giving me dirty looks and whispering in asides. Quite aggravating. So why don’t I just get back into the flow already, what is holding me back? These are the kind of things I contemplate when I am internally berating myself for not finishing the novel or not submitting more often…not writing what I really want to write…
Anyway, I do not want to get to deep into the self-pity stage, but rather want to share yet another fab resource I have found for anyone who understood everything I just wrote.


I was attracted by this site’s offer to help fiction writers with their characters’ psychological needs. I plan on sending my YA heroine to group therapy, and boy, does her mom have issues. So I want to get it right, right? Archetype [The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology] offers just such a resource and then some: writing prompts, advice for submissions and agent searches, even worksheets to help newbie writers. There is also a Media Portrayals section [essays on psychology of characters] which looks interesting and will hopefully expand.

What I did not expect was to find answers to my own psychological needs (or at least the ones linked to writing). The site also has articles about creativity and the psyche, beating the dreaded block, even-and this floored me because it was like finding the answer to life-what is “writer’s flow”- no kidding: here’s the link

It explains so much in such a succinct way. I read a few other pieces before I found that one, and I am going back for more. If you have any need to diagnose your protagonist, are looking for key characteristics of a disorder, or need a boost to your own flow, head on over. There is an Archetype Writing blog worth checking out too, and the site does accept article submissions as well. Frankly, I think they could add a forum and offer online therapy for those of us loony enough to love our writing lifestyles. Sign me up!