I spent a lot of time socializing online yesterday and ended up signing up on both GoodReads and Twitter. I would love to mingle with other bloggers, writers and readers if you are hanging around on those networks too. I was not quite sure what twitter was all about, but I checked it out when Inkygirl started a blogging writers group and found out its a network of just my favorite part of myspace and facebook…the status updates :)…so this is also a fun way to keep track of some great blogs and the writers themselves!

Through Goodreads I also found out about BetterWorldBooks which is self-described as “an online bookstore with a soul”. I have to admit to having a hard time when it comes to reviewing or linking to books on here. The standard link is usually amazon, which I dont really have problem with, but I do not really want to push them on everyone. I usually try to link to an author’s personal site. Then they can provide the amazon link [:)], but from what i have seen so far I think Better Books may be my store of choice from now on. They are a company determined to promote literacy and save books as well as provide a product. New and used books are for sale online and, somehow, US domestic shipping is free. Watch on for more info:

Finally, if anyone else is as interested in the ongoing saga between Rosamond and Emily as I am [it’s an artistic soap!],  here is another post with some interesting background and views.  The comment board on the original post at YouThoughtWeWouldntNotice is stuffed and not always so nice. The controversy is all over the blogosphere now, though I have not heard any more beyond the illustrator of Nate the Great and Rosamond, Marc Simont’s statement that he has referred the issue to the publisher’s legal department.