This one involves reading and watching movies…yay! These are a few of my favorite things…And what better lit-flicks-150x150to do in the cold winter months. {Besides finish the NaNovel} This challenge is on The Bluestocking Society blog which is also running a great freebie book giveaway until Dec 12. I wish I had heard about the Lit Flicks Challenge earlier b/c now I have less than three months, but it should not be hard. The idea is to read 5 books which have film versions and watch at least 2 of those films, then post reviews. Fiction into Film has always been one of my favorite literary studies, though I will personally challenge myself to choose 5 books I have not read yet, or at least 3 new ones and make sure the 2 movies are new. That’s fair, eh? If I do not make it, I will be no worse off.

I have always lived by the theory that the book is always better than the film and should be read first. Of course, I have also been pleasantly surprised to find out about unfamiliar  books through good films. Two examples that come to mind right away are Holes by Louis Sachar, which I had not heard of before I took my son to it [a few years back] We immediately bought that book and discovered that it was, yes, even better. The other one is The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, which was another surprise for me. I liked the movie so much I got the book, but have not yet finished it. Maybe that should be first on the list…if I can find it. I have also been seriously disappointed by some film versions of books i love [for instance, Alex Garland’s “The Beach” was fantastic and enthralling, unlike the tragedy starring Leo dC that i actually looked forward to seeing after reading el libro.]standbyme

There is certainly no shortage of selections. Of course, there are myriad versions of Austen’s books and anyone can link Stephen King to film [personal all time fave from him: “The Body” = Stand By Me] There are several lists available through Bluestocking’s blog too, but my mind has already come up with a few goodies. I read “Kite Runner” {Khaled Hosseini} but have avoided the film so far. I actually may have to do “Horton Hears a Who” because we will be seeing that soon and also b/c I am curious to find out if Jim Carrey slaughtered Dr. Seuss as badly as Mike Myers did. Also, I recently saw “Atonement” [Ian McEwan] and definitely want to read that soon. So I guess I better get started on something. As you can see, I am often behind the mainstream schedule, so I am sure I am missing out on something great. Anyone got any interesting suggestions?