I just hit 50,000 words. Literally, I hit update on my writing program’s tracker and it says five zero, zerozerozero. Exactly. And of course, I am not done but I had to share this moment with you and well, just mark it for posterity’s sake.

Wow! What a wonderful month! And thank zeus it is over! [lol 😀 ]…Honestly, I feel like this is the proverbial “beginning of the end” or “first day of the rest of my life” because I have come so far and yet have so far to go still. I think we are all probably better now just for having entered into this crazy little thing called NaNo. I know that I have a better sense of my ability, and yes, my limits. Plus, as an added bonus, I have written half of a novel which I have been thinking about in my head for many years. Just like me, the story changed over the years but never more than in the last month. Not only did crazy changes occur like entire plot points, but it went from an idea to a reality.

My son asked me if I was going to get my book published or let him read it. I told him when it was done, which will hopefully be before next November, after I have reread it and revised it and probably changed 42 more things, then it may be ready. But, he will probably think it is boring anyway. {at age 12 he reads on a college level. I do not write novels on that level yet.}

I am not ready to let anyone read it yet and am resisting all temptation to go back and start revising now, because I want to complete it. I am going to set some lower goals for myself, but I think that now that I have come this far there is no stopping me now!

I am also rather proud of myself for making it through National Blog Posting Month, but do not know if I will attempt that again for awhile. Maybe in February 😉 {btw: It is year-round and they do a different theme every month} I am looking forward to blogging more regularly though, and especially getting into some other topics. I really appreciate the encouragement and camaraderie which I have found through this experience. I hope that you all will continue to join me here and I look forward to hearing more from you, too. I love my WriMo buddies and wish you all well! Write on!

[**going to verify soon but hope to add more before midnight! If you need a post NaNo laugh i hope you saw this thru the Procrastination Station…try to take his cynicism with a grain of salt because we know better**]