See? I have my priorities straight. Just returned from the in-laws’ and I am fighting a food coma. I met the challenge to hit 40K by bedtime last night and I met it, though i had to push bedtime up to 4:30 a.m…. I did get to sleep in until about 8 though b/c of the glorious lack of alarm clocks this morn. The thrill was bruised a bit when I checked my nifty word count calendar wallpaper which claims I should be at 45,009…somehow i logged in exactly 5000 less than that. I do not have it in me to do another 5K tonight, but I am definitely going to make it by Sunday. Somehow getting past that 40K mark is exhilarating. I figured out that I have definitely written OVER 50K words already, but I have a small problem with the backspace button sometimes. I may have to get a check on that compulsion if I plan to do NaNo again next year. And I already do plan to try again, so I guess i have had a great experience 🙂 I give thanks for NaNo this year for motivating me to attempt a novel and for my WriMo friends. I want to send more congrats out to the folks who have already received their winner badge! **High 5s all around**

I plan to have another marathon writing session tomorrow during the day instead of participating in the Great American Shopping Spree. I am using NaNo as yet another reason to participate in Buy Nothing Day. Then I should be reasonably well ahead so I can spend the evening with some of my old girlfriends and enjoy a well-deserved margarita night. OK…must go…AHHH! 3 days!!!