Well, Week 4 is officially here which means the end is in sight. I am not totally out of the race yet. I have been known to get shocking amounts of energy at the last minute, generally accompanied by bursts of mania and at least one bout of tears. This poor habit got me through college papers for years. One of the reasons I thought NaNo would work well for my noveling launch is because I do thrive under pressure and with deadlines. So, today I feel confident and ready to write, despite continuing computer probs and a fun-filled week of festivities ahead of me. I managed to get out 3500+ words earlier and am hoping I can pass 35K tonight before I fall asleep at the keyboard like I did last night. True story…my neck still hurts 🙂
Congrats to those WriMos out there who have passed the 50K mark and are showing off their winner’s icon…you all have my respect and well-earned envy…and one more thing to be thankful for.