Another freakily close to life astrology reading:


You aren’t interested in taking the easy way out today, for you won’t feel good about yourself unless you can meet or exceed other people’s expectations. But don’t get so tied into someone’s assumptions about you that there’s little room left for your self-expression. Ultimately, you’ll find time for everything, including rest and relaxation.

I wish I could say that reading this horror-scope led to a productive writing session, but instead I have thrown most of that self-expression into prepping #2 Son’s b-day celebrations.  I hope they met his 4 yo’s expectations. But I am working on the whole finding-time-for-everything thing, hoping the rest/relaxation part does not come before I leave the keyboard with a couple thou new words. I was dozing off over the keys again last night after midnight [looking much like this great banner at Write From Home]. I know I am aging b/c the night used to be my peak time. Not that mornings are any better these days…

I have recently read a couple more NaNoResignation blog posts out there. It is not easy to make that decision, at least for some and I definitely do not see it as a failure. In fact, at this point I am just in it for the party. I am at least a week of words behind but I am hanging in for the month and will celebrate whatever happens. I am already thousands ahead of my last attempted novel [which has been put aside temporarily…again]. Of course there are yet other celebrations to come this week which will take up precious time. As much fun as being a NaNoWinner may be, ’tis the season to be social, and half the people I know are scorps or sags so I have many reasons to be thankful and celebrate this month.