I had a good writing flow last night, adding almost 4K words to my count. I came in just short of 25K, but it was 2am and I was starting to doze out over the keyboard. When I start entering dream state I have to quit or my MCs may end up on Mars. I did get a chance to test the word count validator on the NaNo site and was rather thrilled when the official counter gave me one extra word than my Word counter did. It is like getting a couple nickels from a slot machine…every bit helps.

I am going with the theory that not trying to write and supervise kids at the same time is a good thing. Of course that limits me to when they are asleep or not here and those are both rarities in this house. My almost 4 yo seems to thrive on far less sleep than the average human requires and they are both phasing out the nap times. Anyway, enough baby talk…

This is, of course, also National Blog Posting Month, which I have been combining with NaNo, but I have to say that NaBloPoMo is almost as challenging. I never was a regular blogger, but this is giving me a crash course in Blogging 101. There have been a couple nights that I remember I need to blog when I am all ready for bed and there have been a few times when I thought what am I going to write?! Using NaNo at least gives me a topic, but even talking about that constantly gets a bit dull.

I am rather proud that I have maintained a daily post all November [so far, so good] and hope it helps me keep up a regular blog come December. Of course I do not expect to do much on Dec 1st, let me tell you. I will either be crashed or celebrating.