When I read over last night’s blog I can tell that I was both tired and mired down in mom guilt. Or maybe it was NaNoGuilt because I had neglected that most yesterday. I did not even try to write today while they were awake, so of course they did not take naps. But as soon as bedtime hit, I sat down and wrote over a thousand words. I just stopped to update here and there. I am working on that balance thing, and though I am tired I am ready to drink more coffee and write.

Did anyone else check out the NaNoRadio podcast over the weekend with the music from the Toronto WriMo group? They have produced a NaNo soundtrack, all proceeds benefiting, and some of the songs were hi-la-ri-ous. When I have time to spend I want to check out the whole thing at their site. It may help me thru the next TWELVE DAYS!