So I had a minor meltdown this morn, complete with tears and the whole “I don’t know why I bother, I cannot do this!” mentality. Actually, that is pretty much a direct quote. Fortunately, after an early morning spousal spat, a potty training mess/cleanup and a teary tantrum [mine], I managed to stick myself back in the chair anyway to at least get past 20K- still behind, but still going. I had to remind myself that though “winning” NaNo may be thrilling, I am already way more successful in this book writing thing than I was last month. We are only halfway through this thing and I have always thrived under pressure, as the deadline nears. Heck, I have totally written 30,000 word theses in less time than this. I am seriously considering sending my family away for that last weekend though. My spouse and 12 y.o. are trying to be supportive, but the two little ones take a lot of my time, energy and attention…not that I am complaining. They just do not get it, and the two Big Boys can only help so much. I am trying to use nighttime and early morning hours, but I am exhausting myself. I really am such a java junky that it does not even seem to make a difference. I may have to break out the espresso machine. Anyone know a good [legal] pick-me-up? And don’t say yoga, because I am pretty sure I dislocated my hip the other day. Yet another thing I need to get back into the regular practice of doing.