Well, the month is half over even if the novel is not. Tonight is the Night of Writing Dangerously out in California. I hope all those Wrimos are having a blast. I panicked a little when I saw the “15 days…” in the countdown, but I am trying to pick up the pace before the final stretch. Chris Baty has put another challenge out to hit 30,000 words by Wednesday bedtime and I am going for it.

I really appreciate all of the advice and pep talks coming through on the blog line. The comments on my last post offer some great tips for getting through a tough scene and/or block, if anyone else needs help. I am trying to let go of the idea of writing the story straight out, scene by scene. I have to remember that this draft does not have to be perfect or even linear. I am having a hard time stopping my self-editing, having a proofreader’s eye and a harsh inner critic. Fortunately, she’s been sick too.

This week will be dominated by my mother’s and #2 Son’s birthdays. This is actually 3 days of events because I am making cupcakes for the preschool class too. And then we have to get ready for T-day. Thank goodness we still have 2 weekends coming up. I came into this knowing November would not be a great month for me. I remember reading that the first NaNo was in August and they decided to switch to November because the weather was less likely to draw WriMos outdoors, or something to that effect. How ironic that August is generally the one month I have free of many responsibilities: no holidays, no school, my 12 y.o. is usually at his dad’s so I do not have to compete for computer time and the best place to be is inside with the AC blasting to avoid the horrid humidity. Of course, ‘November’ and ‘novel’ do go so well together.