…in case you are wondering what I have done on the NaNoNovel since I was here last. I guess 5000+ words in a day was too much for my system. I hardly even tried last night but instead gave into the lure of the net and the bed.

I have to admit to a slight case of post-election depression too. After getting caught up in the news, campaigning and blogs, for over a year, I find myself looking for some thing to replace it. I checked out the new Change.gov site [not to be confused with but hopefully to be associated with good ol’ Change.org] It is good to see some positive progression already. I am planning on going to DC for the inaug in January, which should give me another political fix.

I hope all of the veterans out there had a relaxing and pleasant day. I just want to say thank you for all you do. I got to give my dad a kiss and some appreciation yesterday. I missed seeing the poppies, though. Didn’t  they used to hand them out on Veteran’s Day? I always liked seeing them brightening up the day.