So i made the 5000 word challenge last night, logging in 15,150 at about 11:20 EST…then realized I had not adjusted my NaNo settings since Daylight Savings time, so I was in a time zone somewhere in the middle of the ocean. And then, I was burnt out. I have done nothing today. I hope to get something written by midnight. So I wanted to stick in my post to keep up with NaBloPoMo at least.

My characters are growing every day and so is my story. I cannot quite tell if it is actually progressing or just rambling. I keep adding details and characters and scenes that i was not planning on having in the first place. I have not even arrived at a pivotal point in my original outline/scheme in my head. If I actually keep going, I think it is  possible that this is going to be much longer than 50K. So then I worry that I will get to the Nov 30 d-line, and stop. I already feel invested in this to the point that I do not want to leave it incomplete, but it is early yet.

Before I go write another random scene, I want to leave you with another delicious diversion for those NaNoBreaks. Inkygirl is a humorous look at NaNoWriMo and the writing life in general. Her blogtoon today is also about the looming NaNoWordcount which is taunting me even now. Write away!