April 20 – May 20
This is a great day to start any project, which concerns writing, acting or speaking, dear Taurus. Your creative energies should be flowing freely and abundantly today, and you should enjoy the rush of new ideas that keep popping into your head. A number of stimulating conversations with close friends should keep your energies churning. Expect to spend a lot of time on the phone, or perhaps in the car dropping in on these friends. Enjoy your day!




For those of you following my prophetic horoscopes [see previous posts “It’s in the Stars”], and fellow Taureans/WriMos [Hi susieiz!]…or anyone who just loves irony like myself. I could use some Creative Juice [though I am still recovering from the Sangria] but do not expect me to call or drop by! I may be on the forums later, though now that the server seems to be getting a break and won’t drop my posts.
After I wrote yesterday’s blog, I checked out Chris Baty’s and had to laugh because he pinpointed me [and many other WriMos I am sure] with his tough coaching in the Breaking News:

4) Please get at least 3000 words under your belt by the end of this weekend. I don’t want to hear any excuses about having to recover from wild Halloween parties. You should have thought about your literary responsibilities to your future adoring reading public before you went out last night.

So I got to work and broke 3000, which still puts me behind, but I am still feeling good. Well, tired and slightly cranky, but good enough. If I keep getting pep-scopes like that one I should make it through, no problem.

 I also want to point out a blog I read late last night/early this morning from Ivory Madison, the founder of Red Room, which is another writer’s network. I have seen a few authors’ blogs and noticed the Red Room link, but it seemed to be for established writers more than amateurs such as myself. After reading Ms. Madison’s blog, though, I am considering signing up, though I know I do not need another blog or social network to distract me right now. And I would so much rather be able to fill in the “Published Works” section first. However, her advice (“10 Tips”) and outlook really inspired me. My favorite part:

Perfectionism means never finishing—it’s unrelated to high standards (which by definition includes finishing). All art is imperfect and created by imperfect people and at some point, you have to step away from the draft and say, “That’s the best I could do in the time I had with the effort I gave it.” The journey of a million miles, as they say, begins with a single step, so just write for one word, one hour, one day, one month, and you’ll get there. Don’t show up to accomplish something you can’t do in an hour or a month (like win the Pulitzer or make your old exes see how brilliant you were). Focus on writing. Writing is your relationship with yourself and it’s more important than worldly rewards later.


Red Room is one of the corporate sponsors of NaNoWriMo this year and have  a nifty offer for WriMos who join them as well this month. Many authors there are participating in NaNo and blogging too. Like I said yesterday, WordPress has a Tag Surfing community of WriMos going on here as well and a lot of other networks, like Facebook, Myspace and Flickr also have NaNo groups. I keep saying how much I like the community aspect of this project and am just so inspired by the stories that come out. My favorite part is that it all started 10 years ago with a small group of friends as basically a personal dare. Just goes to show what great changes and achievements can grow from the grassroots. Look how many “friends” they have now! I hope November is treating you all well too!