I made it through Day One. Well, not all the way through yet, but I passed the daily word-count goal, so that’s something. I was up until 4 a.m., knowing I had other obligations and distractions happening today, I decided to be one of the thousands of crazy WriMos who actually started at 12:01 a.m. The new server NaNo has this year is getting a workout, let me tell you. When I tried to send a “Good Luck!” note to one of my new writing buddies at 11:55 pm, everything froze up. Then, 20 minutes later when I hit Save for the first time, my writing program blitzed and shut down. First time I saw this. I am using Word which I am just so comfortable with, but I keep hearing about nifty noveling software that I wonder if I should try. Thank gawd for Auto-recovery though, which at least rescued most of my opening paragraph. No idea where the rest went.

So far, so good with my intro and exposition from the male main character, but all of a sudden, the female main character chimed in her voice. I have been considering using multiple narrators because it really is a group adventure narrative, but I wonder if I am taking too much on for my first complete [cross those toes] full-length work. It just keeps coming back to me that the supporting characters need to be heard from too. Anyone ever worked with different narrators/multiple points of view? I think I need to keep going as long as I can keep the words flowing, but I don’t want to freak out in two weeks and try to change everything. I am going with the mindset of “Just keep writing, just keep writing”- get it out and edit later, but I do want it to be a coherent story too. I managed to squelch my anal inner editor enough, but i did go back and do a little editing before shutting down for the morning due to exhaustion and delirium. Now I just have to make sure I get back there tomorrow. Thank goodness for the extra hour!