I apparently do not feel challenged enough with NaNo looming around the corner [one week!] so i have also signed up for National Blog Posting Month, which is supposed to be an alternative project for November, but also runs year-round. I am hoping that it will work with me blogging here, daily, about my NaNo experience, but I also am making some posts over there. This is what I wrote today:

OK i now have my official blog [“writer’s flow“] Rss’d on the side of this page, so I think that should count for the NaNoBloPo posts but I am also determined to post here every day this week to get in the swing of things. When NaNo starts, I will be limiting my posts to wordcounts and updating/ranting/whining. That should be fun. I swear i will try not to grate on too many nerves.

At this point it really is getting to be more of a personal weblog than I originally planned. I had great aspirations of “saving the book” or something when I began my blog. I was [am] appalled at some of the exploits of the mainstream media [MSM] and I had a lot to say to absolutely noone, because my kids don’t care and my husband works most of the day, most of the time. I have since found many great outlets online and am virtually conquering my writer’s block, though sometimes I cannot control the flow. I admit to being skeptical about the whole blogging experience as well as social networks, but now I am a happy blogger/social network butterfly. Networks like this one combine the best of both.

My latest ‘discovery’ [yes, i tend to be late to most cool things] is Newsvine, which I signed up for today. I doubt I will be able to focus on it much until December, but recommend it to news junkies who want to contribute and speak out. It seems to speak to my Inner Journalist whom I pretty much killed during college. Perhaps it would be better to say I inebriated her and left her for dead. I admit to claiming to be “disillusioned by the media” when I changed my original Mass Communications major to the comfortable standby of English, though I probably also believed then I could be a poet in Reallife. Now, though, I often wish I could be part of the amazing alternative journalistic movement and online communities. Well, I can at least blog about it and contribute to the dialogue.

I often wonder what made other bloggers start? Obviously some folks have found a niche that needs filling and have become the place to go for info while others write about subjects which they just love and want to share with others. Some people write blogs that are much like diaries, but I suspect that many, like myself, just have so many thoughts bumping around in their heads that they needed to find another outlet. It is a great way to communicate, with or without personal commitment, and frankly, a good writing exercise.

I do not know if I will make any new connections here,but I am already inspired by a few other bloggers, like Kat’sStuff, who has reached out to others and is even sponsoring her own Giveaway a Day event. There are good things happening here! Have fun!