April 20 – May 20
You are both a highly sensitive and a highly intellectual person, dear Taurus. This is a wonderful combination, and part of what makes you the superstar that you are. Today’s planetary positions challenge you to think about how you can best combine these two key components of your personality. Have you ever considered writing as a career? It might provide just the sort of balance you seek. Give it some thought or, better yet, simply start writing and see whether or not it suits you.
No kidding. I mean, I couldn’t write this kind of irony. Or, maybe, I can, hmmm….
I have been working on plotting out my story for next month and trying to keep myself psyched up for the main event. Earlier this week, I chimed in on the discussion over at Becky Levine’s blog post about writing first drafts and found a few new ideas and resources.
I am, however, growing more concerned about my time issues. I have had a hard enough time getting on here to complete a follow-up post about Blogging Action Day due to the myriad distractions and duties I am balancing with my writing “career”. Yes, I love my family, friends and politics but sometimes I wish I could be the lone writer isolated in a cabin with only a classic typewriter for companionship. I do not even have an office door I can shut to block it all out. I know in my heart and mind that it is possible to maintain a writing flow and healthy relationships, but I cannot stop wondering “How!?”
Maybe I can count on my partner and 12y.o. to support me next month, and in the future, but it is quite hard to explain to the preschoolers that I am trying to work. Especially since they know my real job is mommy. I don’t want to lose my cool next month under NaNoPressure, and it is, after all, about having fun first [oh, and writing]. I am trying not to hinge too many expectations and fantasies on a thirty day spree, but part of me [the writer within?] wants to complete this work so much just to prove to myself that I can. The funny thing is, people who know me seem to believe I can write a novel more readily than I do myself. And I would hate to disappoint them.  So, no pressure, I’ll just slap on a happy grin and spread some freekin’ sunshine…and keep looking to the stars and forums for inspiring words.
 I did get a smile one day while driving when I saw a license plate reading “2X NANO”….pretty sure it wasn’t Mork’s car 🙂