OK I am coming out of my writing coma, shaking off some persistant doubts and applying pen to paper. It is happening, slowly, and all of a sudden it’s Fall and NaNoWriMo looms around the corner. Talk about motivation; this is a procrastinator’s ultimate challenge. In case you don’t know of what I speak: November is [unofficially] National Novel Writing Month meaning you have 30 days, and 30 days only, to write 50,000 words, an estimated 175 page novel. No pressure. Really! It’s all in good fun and I have already found comfort in my explorations of the site and forums. It’s like the biggest writing support group in the world!

This is the 10th year of the project, which started as a good-natured dare between friends and now attracts thousands of would-be and really-are writers from around the world. The best thing about it is, if, muse forbid, I don’t make the writing goal, nobody gets hurt. In the end, maybe I will at least be a little further ahead with a new project and I can look again at the old ones with tired, experienced eyes.

I must admit, I already almost chickened out once. I had signed up back in December after learning about the project a little too late to try in ’07. I have kept track of some forums and learned more about the phenomenon during the year, been thinking about the new story I want to work on, even researching details, but when the site recently closed down to rennovate itself, I was unable to sign back on after the relaunch. Not the motivation a weakling like me needs. Fortunately, I got an email from the local regional moderator which inspired me to try, try again. And, the way these things happen, my sign-in worked this time. Reading stories like this on the blog, is also inspiring. I may not make it to 50,000, but I am determined to try, and with motivational sources like these, plus the knowledge that I am not alone, though I am a lone writer, certainly helps, too.

I am planning on tracking my progress here, as well, with one of their nifty word-count widgets. I think blogging about it all will be another motivating factor, along with my cool NaNo desktop. I feel like I have joined a club, or cult, idk, time will tell :)…now I just have to warn my family and friends!