Is anyone else not surprised by this? The talking head on Fox finally admits his show is “stupid“…[OK that’s not quite what he says but i could definitely frame an argument around it]… Seems he has an interview, potentially if not definitely historic in value, with presidential candidate Clinton tonight, yet all he has prepared to talk about are “stupid” questions. Big surprise. Any bets on whether they are sexist or racist too?

Once again, I ask, how do these people become pundits? Who is he speaking for? Even Karl Rove wants more information, Bill! This is not a joke! Why should it be a “fun” interview? Do you really feel the pressure to compete with Colbert and SNL? Obviously, he feels that he can make “fun” of this interview because he does not take Clinton seriously. Or the Democratic Party. Or the American viewing public.

As an educator, I generally support the old adage that there are no stupid questions, [but I don’t actually watch foxnews by choice], so I have to believe that he’s still lying. They won’t be stupid questions. They will be aggressive, derisive, pandering, and most definitely, insulting. Which is his goal. His agenda. His style.

But he is not alone, of course. He just has the audacity to admit it, because he believes he is above reprobation [just like he still doesn’t understand what he said wrong about Sylvia’s]. Most of his peers are guilty of asking “stupid” questions. Or at least, insulting ones, whether they are insulting their interviewees, their viewers or everyone else in the human race. I am so tired of hearing what she is wearing, or what he is not [get over the lapel pin crap now] or what they have to drink for breakfast. Do you think we are that shallow and ignorant? Ask about the environment already! [It’s that big space surrounding everything we experience and no, you are not the center of it.] Ask about the appalling economy and war and health care issues. Oh wait, you don’t think that stuff is news, do you, Bill? No wonder they call it faux.

 UPDATE: i went on a tag search on wordpress and found this nugget at The Implied Observer which made me laugh…till I cry. Yet another example of fauxnews…but it’s all for fun, right? ha. ha.