That’s Save Our Books y’all…  which i believe was my original focus for this blog… i tend to get side-tracked, but I am inspired to share these calls to arms, or to write/petition/blog whatever way you choose…First, of all [warning: i may get political for a moment] They claim that there will be no children left behind but it seems that in order to fund trillion dollar wars we have to cut out all of those little extras like literacy, so funding for programs like Reading is Fundamental is in dire straits….  do your karma a good turn and check out the info….it’s easy to help if you want to….

If that doesn’t get your goat, then maybe this will… personally I cannot stand the way children are commercially targeted. Of course that’s nothing too new, after all Saturday morning cartoons wouldn’t have existed without Saturday morning commercials, but don’t you think they are taking it a bit too far? I mean, there are ads and commercials even on school buses these days and now they want to put the equivalent of commercials in books. I am not talking about the cardboard pullout order form pages that they have in the doctor office books… I mean full-on product placement. As if they even need it! Haven’t they noticed that the good/popular books end up with their own merchandising line anyway? But this middle reader series is not about publishing good books…it is basically an advertising campaign. The “author” is actually a marketing executive…if that tells you anything. I’m not putting the title, but it’s coming out from Harper Collins and you can get more info here from Commercial Alert

OK now I can have a good weekend and read in peace and I hope you do too!