Well, I have finally decided to show up again… haha. I don’t even want to talk about it, but I am inspired to let folks know about this deal happening today and tomorrow only. I guess it’s a Leap Day present or something. Random House is giving away free e-copies of Beautiful Children by Charles Bock . I normally would not promote a book before I read it, but I will admit it is one of the only recent fiction publications that has piqued my curiosity. So of course I am jumping on the free deal and spreading the news too.

The novel is centered around the runaway/street culture which thrives in Vegas and is definitely a labor of the love of  literature for Bock who worked on it for over a decade. It was obviously not thrown together and seems to be a relatively realistic look at the underground culture [which some folks will probably not believe is real]. I read a good interview with Bock on e-music of all places, because apparently he has some sort of indie “soundtrack” associated with the book too…rock on. It’s somewhat inspiring to anyone else out there [or here] who’s been sitting on a book for a decade or so.

So now I have to figure out how to curl up in bed and read an e-book…another step further into the http://www. I still say print is best!