OK yes, sorry, I have been neglectful and not kept a regular schedule and I am guilty of surfing endlessly as well as getting a bit lost in outer myspace…[btw- that last post sounds so pathetic, so sorry again!] Maybe I am kidding myself that anyone noticed or cared, but strangely enough, I did…do, uh, I have to confess I actually missed blogging. Which feels weird since I never really thought I would like it much.

So, anyway, yes, I did get a bit overwhelmed with setting up a space, decorating and whatnot. I didn’t move in right away, though; it took me awhile to give in. First I had to berate my friends in person, then surprise them with embarassing pix the first day I signed in…hahaha…. and before any creepos try anything creepy, don’t even bother b/c if I don’t know you in real world space then you are not my friend.

I guess I am starting a new social network obsession b/c I ended up joining another one too…completely ridiculous right? Well, this one is called change.org and it’s way more my style. I was feeling a little smarmy browsing through some of the myspace pages, as well as old, but I have to admit it might not be that bad. There, I said it. There is a lot to be said for being able to spread your words around and keep in touch quickly and easily. I am having fun finding some public spaces for activist groups and authors I like. Myspace has also added Impact which may do some good considering how many people are on there!

Which leads me back to Change.org which rocks…easy to use and connect with info/causes/non-profits… plus it keeps track so I can feel all good about myself…hahaha… really I just appreciate that there are a lot of positive actions being taken on this wide wide world. I am not exactly collecting friends on that space, which for some reason are called recruits, but I’m more open to new connections there. Apparently they just started up publicly this year, but there are already a million groups involved. I also learned about goodsearch.com through them which is now my search engine of choice b/c it donates $ to my chosen cause. Works for me, so now I can stop worrying that I don’t do enough good in the world b/c I waste all my time reading, writing and chasing kids. Whatever gets me through the night, eh?

I am not completely forgetting print media and am putting in a new resolution to actually cover it a bit more as well as complete some actual reviews, of books, I mean. In fact, I have to go finish reading something before I fall asleep….