Re: Comment attached to book review of “The Reincarnationist” [see  October 8th blog below]

“I got a google alert about this review and wanted to thank you so much. Its one of the most thoughtful ones I’ve recieved and if I could write a review of the book myself, this is much like what I would write. Thank you for everything you do for books!!!”

I am honored by this comment, not only because it is from the author herself [!wow!] who is obviously busy and has more to do than worry about random opinions, but because of the sentiment that li’l ol’ me has done something “for books”. What a compliment. If I can in any way, shape or form contribute to the book world [besides as a voracious consumer] then perhaps this blog project is worth it. I have no misconceptions that my foray into cyber-world is going to net me millions, I do this for my own satisfaction [hence, the tendency to vent on other topics] and, as stated previously, to learn.

Which leads me to share some reflections I have made in recent weeks about this project and about my own writing. It’s not easy for me to share personal thoughts, no matter how much anonymity is involved. I knew when I began a blog that I did not want to start writing about what the kids had for breakfast or how life sux sometimes even while being an amazing experience. I believe that most of us don’t care about the former and already get the latter. I really just needed a “room of my own” so to speak, where I was free to be. I am separated from the literary and academic worlds right now and miss the interaction, so have turned to the Internet [glorious fountain of knowledge and infotainment that it is] as my virtual guidance counselor. Here, I have space to figure out what I am going to do with my life, talent and degree. I am a writer, as far as the definition of the noun. I write. I can write. I am not an author or a critic. They get paid to write. I am a reader. We all are. But more than being able to read, I want to, I love to, I need to read. And I am a bookworm. And by that, others may empathize, I want, love and need books. Which is why my “blogroll” includes cool book sites and why I get riled up about modern book burnings and censorship.

Admittedly, though, I have constant doubts about the validity of my words, as well as the necessity of yet another blog. So, the fact that real people do read this and are affected by my words is encouraging [as well as slightly scary]. I guess I can only hope that I offer some positive energy to the world. I do expect some day to join the ranks of the book creators, but meanwhile I will revel in my position as reader, reviewer and salvager.

So, in a long-winded way, I had to say that I needed that, Ms. Rose. I feel like I just got an “A” with one of those great red-inked comments in the margin, like “Keep up the good work!”

Now, I have a little more motivation to WRITE!