More pulp in media….

2007-09-16-simpsonarrested1Normally I would pass on the Juice, I find it hard to swallow all those chunks and I am definitely more of a java junky, but I am willing to discuss global warming and the BS that passes as news, and this piece by Bob Cesca in The Huffington Post wraps it all up in one hilarious breakfast burrito…

And in other news….

Yes, the Emmys are censored, duh… [don’t the pretty puppets know they aren’t supposed to think for themselves… just smile and read the script…] Sally, we still love you!- from a mother

But at least Gore finally won something he deserves. (hey it’s a start, and more than Reagan got in Hollyweird.)

And since Freedom of Speech is in the news and it’s football season I will add…


Glad to see the Independent Florida Alligator still does such in-depth reporting. Well, at least Kerry answered the question…[anyone know what the response was?] And did he have anything to say about the cries of “HELP!” echoing down the esteemed hallways? [I always miss the good stuff…Gene Simmons spoke when I was there, but I missed that too.]

I know this has nothing to do with writing so I will call it writer’s overflow… and I will stop procrastinating now… good day!