I am still trying to recover from being struck down by this technological illness. I did everything right [i think] ran my viral scans and used a firewall yadayada…still got an evil bug, then got talked into wiping the whole slate clean and starting over [wouldn’t that be nice in Reality World]. But of course it’s never that simple…as so many of us have found out the hard way, you can’t just start over, so many pieces need to be fixed and some never can be…and I am still doing makeup work!

It’s especially daunting trying to read through the mailbox while new stuff keeps rolling in [in my “spare” time] but I am compelled to write because of this disturbing piece I just read [not the heinous crime in WVA which words cannot express enough horror over.]

No, this piece of news is the news that almost wasn’t, meaning to say that


apparently restricting citizens’ rights, creating a police state and being a dictator is only “bad” if you live in another country. If you live here and do it you are patriotic not despotic….

It’s not all news to many but it is interesting to see it all in one place- rather a long entry since we get to read the TOP 10 CENSORED/IGNORED STORIES together…..

Some highlights:   “This year’s Project Censored presents a chilling portrait of a newly empowered executive branch signing away civil liberties for the sake of an endless and amorphous war on terror. And for the most part, the major news media weren’t paying attention.”

“While the project usually turns up a range of underreported issues, this year’s stories all fall somewhat neatly into two categories – the increase of privatization and the decrease of human rights. Some of the stories qualify as both.”

“the federal government continues to provide major news networks with stock footage, which is dutifully broadcast as news. The George W. Bush administration has spent more federal money than any other presidency on public relations. Without a doubt, Parenti said, the government invests in shaping our beliefs. ‘Every day they’re checking out what we think,'”

this just goes to show that the mainstream media which insist on broadcasting parodys of debates are being controlled by the central government, whether it’s financially, legally or physically has yet to be discovered…