This is a learning process. August 1st is as good a day as any to begin a new chapter in life. [It even sounds prophetic] Even now, my heart is pounding and I may yet lose my nerve. Thank god for Backspace! Yes, I am exposing my Self to the Net and hoping to learn something along the way. It seems that this may be the key to success in the 21st century. It may, at the very least, help me control some of those nagging voices in my head. The ones that want to yell at the folks on TV reporting on the latest starlet meltdown, that contribute to the running commentary log in my brain, that cannot seem to find their way onto paper. [Please tell me I am not the only one who hears them!] Frankly, it sounds like my own voice most of the time, but if let loose I would definitely be a real bitch. So, in the interest of my hardworkin’ husband, who really doesn’t want to listen to me gripe about things outside our personal life, and possibly for my own career/future/sanity I will offer these musings, postings, and random thoughts to the WWW. Whether or not anyone else reads/identifies/cares is, at least for now, irrelevant. This is my way of learning about writing for the web, as well as beginning my foray into freelance writing. [the block has been released and i cannot seem to control the flow so I must find an outlet.] Somewhere along the line, I graduated from scrawling a personal journal and amateur poetry in an old spiral-bound to actually needing/wanting/loving my keyboard [and that bless’d backspace button]. Hard to believe, because I never thought that I would willingly give up the pen. I haven’t completely, of course, because that is almost sacrilegious, and I still have plenty of notebooks laying around. Of course, there’s the whole “save a tree” thing, which I generally support, but do confess that I am still an avid supporter of the print media. I LOVE books and fear the day they are eradicated completely. [fear it, but don’t believe it… technology will probably destroy itself before humanity stops communicating in some written form] In that spirit, I do plan to use my blog to support print…hahaha, the ironies abound… and will include reviews/links/info related to print media. Yes, as a writer, I am required to promote myself, but for now, I will hold back and only share some minor details. Like, I said, I am learning and I am taking baby steps. This process is not on high-speed.